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The troubles of mankind will never cease until either true genuine philosophers attain political power or the rulers of states by some dispensation of providence become genuine philosophers.

The issue of State-Church relations should be examined in detail, to reveal why Christian Orthodox Church and State in Greece are two sides of the same coin.

Do dyspozycji jest moliwo wyszukania zapisw zawierajcych podane sowo, szukanie wg tytuu lub nazwiska.

The civic and political participation is considered to be central to the concept of democracy and it is particularly relevant in the context of contemporary democracies.

The participation of citizens in civic or political activities has been a constitutive element of democracy since ancient times.

Ancient Greek philosopher, Plato, had not only had political desires but had also tried to engage in active politics.

But after a big frustration, especially with the trial of Socrates, he turned away from politics and criticized the political phenomena of his own time under the name of democracy.

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