Updating old christmas ornaments

All the songs or carols can be changed - again to suit whatever set up you may have in your church. Many churches have rules about real, however, you can always offer to remove it after the event is over, if that is the case.I have begged and pleaded with Ministers & Pastors about the rules they may have about Christmas tress in the sanctuary. I usually do the balloons and the Birthday Cake, or cupcakes after service, making it a real live Birthday Party For Jesus.Every single child can participate hanging ornaments or candy canes on a tree, with parents helping. THE CHRISTMAS TREE Narrator #1 - Each year, most of us decorate a Christmas Tree, with little thought as to why we even have a tree in our house or on our lawn. Today, the children of ______________________ would like to share with you the story and the meaning behind the decorated Christmas Tree.It is so fun, and I wish this year, it had not been done last year, so that we could do it again. The tree is an evergreen, the symbol of everlasting life, and the joy of living forever with God.(They did not have electric lights in those days.) Then he lit up all those candles and stood back to admire the tree.Those candles reminded him of the stars that were in the sky above Bethlehem on the night that Jesus the Christ Child was born. (plug in the lights that have been previously put onto the tree, clear ones work the best, as do solid white.If a stranger came to the door on Christmas Eve, they were never ever turned away from that house.Remember in the Gospels of Matthew, Mark & Luke, Mary & Joseph were turned away from the inn and there was no room for them to say anywhere.

We should be that LIGHT, just not at Christmas Time, but every day, all of our lives. Once we fully accept Jesus into our hearts, we too become those lights for all the unbelievers. The star again represents the special star that shone above the manger where the Christ child was laid.Now even Christian Suppliers are catching on, and you can get banners, balloons, (depending on your budget) or other supplies to make this so fun.Use your imagination, and elaborate or pare down the play.Another legend of candles says that candles were put into the windows of all the Christian homes on Christmas Eve.Those candles guided the Christ Child to those doors.

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