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In 2010 they once again held concerts, this time with the title Kis-My-Ftに010 逢えるde Show. They got to do CM for dwango.jp, where they also released two digital singles: "Fire Beat" and "Inori". It announced that they were to have their debut in May under Avex.

On March 21, 2012, the group released their third single "SHE! 2016 The group commomerated their 5th anniversary since their debut. In 2009, they got their own stage play for the first time, together with Uchi Hiroki and Yara Tomoyuki. At the end of the year they once again held concerts, which lasted until early the next year. In 2008, they held their first solo concerts (along with A. C-Z) at Yokohama Arena and Yoyogi Stadium and planned further ones for 2009.Acchan AKB48 Arashi E-Girls Golden Bomber Graduation Hey! Dramas: [2009] Gokusen 3 Special [2011] Shiwase ni Narou Yo [2011] Ikemen Desu Ne? ] Poplo August 2011 Issue (Cover & Feature) [2011.7.??

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With their stunts and live performances, the total number of people that attended their concert is 2 million.

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