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You never know, you may find that although a Flash-based test runs quickly, you actually have speed problems with your browser that should be addressed.By the end of the upload phase, however, the overall number will be less than or equal to your upload speed except in the rare situation that you have a local upload proxy capable of buffering the whole upload amount.Cons: Reporting and interface at times could use more polish, Untangle however continues to improve upon with each release.

The job of updating the screen especially the graphs can be too much for the browser. Adblock is a poor product that uses a vast amount of regular expressions to try to guess what resources might be adverts.Since the test does use some graphics, those may also be a source of excessive CPU usage in cases where the browser is not well suited to the OS..Check whether the drivers for your computer are the latest. If your ISP is offering a near 100megabit download speed and your desktop ethernet card is 100mbit, you may find the ethernet driver is not capable enough to handle the load.A version of Android from 2 years ago is not likely to work well.during the test using the operating system CPU meters.

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general you can solve any issues with mobile speed measurements by simply setting the number of upload/download streams to 1/1, and then increasing it to find the best setting.

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