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Whilst Angelus begins his campaign to make Buffy his mate. Stefan goes to Europe to track Katherine down before matters escalate, leaving Damon in Mystic Falls to watch over Elena.

As Elena and Damon grow inexorably closer, she struggles to deal with the reality that Stefan might not be the only Salvatore brother with a place in her heart. To love your brother's girl, to feel the sexual tension but feel too guilty to act since said brother saved your fucking life.

Emily and Richard agree to finance their granddaughter's education, but only at the cost of Friday-night family dinners.

What really sets apart from other shows of its type is the heavy use of clever, fast-paced wordplay. Think Aaron Sorkin on crystal meth and Seinfeldian Conversations.

This story is a reflection of my forever Delena/Klaroline heart. Damon/Rebekah Things are going a little too well and Damon's suspicious. Damon Salvatore alone, afraid and on the run, begins a harrowing journey to find his wife's killer. Caroline didn't find out about the drugs, it's Christmas and Elena wants nothing more that to spend it with Damon. She is saved by a handsome man, who looks after her, before taking her home. What would happen if Clark was really as affected as it appeared after he'd kissed Lois in that alley while playing dress up as Green Arrow? Read and find out, but be warned...there is an M rating here for a reason.

Fortunately, Elena knows just how to distract him and show him that this cruel world might just have a plan for him, if he could only open his eyes in time to see. There is something different this time she takes the herbs...could it be that he is real? And so follows a story of love…or something very much like it. This is the second part in my Buffy series rewrites. Buffy has graduated High School & is beginning College. Angelus sends Buffy back in time after he escapes his cage in season 4 of Angel his desire for the petite blonde having grown but is that all there is to it or could there be something more in his decision that would change their lives... *Smut warning*In the fallout of Katherine's betrayal [Fool Me Once 1.14], Damon is back at his hedonistic best.

The show starts when 16-year-old Rory is admitted into the prestigious Chilton Academy for high school.

Lorelai, who now runs the Independence Inn with the help of her best friend, chef Sookie St. so she does the worst thing a fiercely independent woman could do, and asks her parents.

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On October 19, 2015, Netflix announced that it has closed a deal with Warner Brothers to release a limited series revival, titled .

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