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More interestingly, the name of Jesus was written ΙΣ rather than ΙΕΣΟΥΣ, i.e., 'J-S' rather than 'Jesus', in English transliteration.

Firstly, the writing style was that of a scribal copyists hand which was not used later.

Mister Philippe LOUBRIAT, engineer of a big retired state-owned company and living in Aix-en-Provence, liked the questions of calendars.

This search, begun in the change of millennium, in taken around ten years and it is focused on a bizzarerie noticed in the Bible.

The book of Revelation may well allude to them (Rev.Other scholars believe that most of the it was written before the fall of Jerusalem and the destruction of the temple in 70 A. In his book named "Redating the New Testament" John A. Two were the physical brothers of Jesus (James and Jude). In spite of the late dates assigned by some scholars, it is possible to determine the date of each one of the books.After their passing, Mark also, the disciple and interpreter of Peter, transmitted to us in writing the things preached by Peter. First to be written was that of the one-time exciseman who became an apostle of Jesus Christ - Matthew; it was published for believers of Jewish origin, and was composed in Hebrew letters/language. Next came that of Mark, who followed Peter's instructions in writing it ...

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Matthew's is the only gospel apart from John's which was written by an original apostle of the 12. This fact would not likely be added by Matthew if he was copying Mark, rather the reverse is true. Both the Didache and Matthew are sometimes considered to have derived from Syrian Antioch, a thriving early church base from which Paul's missionary journeys began.

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