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It was a form letter I received back from her, but still OPRAH WINFREY SENT ME AN EMAIL!

You have no idea how happy that makes this little fan.

Oprah listened, reflected their answers, and tried not to judge. MAKE THIS HAPPEN.'In the Post op-ed, Podhoretz wrote that '[i]f you need to set a thief to catch a thief, you need a star — a grand, outsized, fearless star whom Trump can neither intimidate nor outshine — to catch a star.''We're through the looking glass here.

Podhoretz wrote that she is the Trump's 'mirror image.''Of course, she's female and he's male; she's America's generous aunt and he's America's crazy uncle.'And yes, she's black and he's white, she's liberal and he's whatever he is.'The columnist later chuckled on Twitter that 'Trumpkins' – his derisive nickname for the president's fans, have been 'emailing me to say my idea Oprah would be strong in '20 is crazy because she has no experience.'This isn't the first time the idea of a Winfrey-headed presidential ticket has made news.

The singer joined the app’s founder Whitney Wolfe, as well as her famous cohosts—Priyanka Chopra, Kate Hudson, and Karlie Kloss—to in a women-centric dinner party. Their theories and the ways that they think seems to be my way of life.

She was sitting on the floor of a tiny 10-by-10ft home when a 'memorable and incredible' cup of tea was served to her by a welcoming Indian family.' A New York Post columnist made waves this week by suggesting Oprah Winfrey is the Democratic Party's best choice to run against President Donald Trump in 2020, and Oprah thanked him for the 'VOTE' of confidence Winfrey starred Sunday in a '60 Minutes' segment that had her conducting a focus group of Michigan voters, assessing the range of their political opinions.Asked about impressions of Trump, their answers ranged from 'every day I love him more and more' to 'he's a horrible president. "'The television icon later claimed that a White House run 'won't be happening.'Internet publisher Matt Drudge of The Drudge Report threw fuel on the fire that day, tweeting that 'Trump vs Oprah would be the most epic race in American history.Democrats have the perfect weapon to take down Donald Trump in 2020, according to a conservative columnist: Oprah.The famed black media proprietor and TV host was thrown into the political mix on Thursday when an op-ed in the New York Post suggested she is 'uniquely positioned, should she wish to commit herself, to seek the Democratic nomination for president and challenge Trump in 2020.' John Podhoretz, a never-Trump advocate and former speechwriter for Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H. Bush, shared his essay on Twitter – and Oprah answered.'Thanks for your VOTE of confidence! Podhoretz replied: 'Give it a shot, what, would it kill you?

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