Niall horan and demi lovato dating tumblr

I basically went through the celebrity news sites with the biggest online readerships in the UK, Ireland, and the US.

I may have missed some sites because I couldn’t find reliable lists of online readership, but I tried.

In Amy Green and Ali Mc Ginley’s cases specifically, them being not at all famous, I think they might have been regular, run of the mill friends (or maybe casual one night stands) that got turned into relationships by the media.

There’s a lot more coming, but these are the basics that I drew from a ton of raw data I collected.

While Horan is currently back home in London, before he jetted there he reportedly nabbed some private time with Lovato while he was in L. News that they were on an "intimate date." Interestingly enough, just before the VMAs went live last Thursday, he shared his feelings about the "Give Your Heart a Break" singer, telling "Access Hollywood" that Lovato is his celebrity crush. Rumors about a Niall/Demi romance kicked off earlier this summer, but back in June, they gave the old "we're just friends" line about their relationship status.

While the twosome might now be in two separate countries, late Sunday they were still tweeting back and forth to one another. A month later, she once again brushed off any talk there was anything brewing between them. He's really sweet and he's one of my really good friends now.

This was judged based on number of articles, longevity, spread of coverage, suspiciousness and likelihood of promo ties, and out of the blue factor. There were quite a few more people who were obviously never meant as serious speculation or only had 1-2 articles written about them.* indicates the relationships I think most of the fandom/Niall stans consider to have been real relationships.

I don’t include Ellie Goulding because even though the papers actually reported them as having dated for about a month, I think everyone has the impression they were a one night stand or something casual at the very least.

I can’t say whether 1DHQ was pushing that idea from the beginning or not.

I would also hazard that all the Factor connections were manufactured for promo since there was about one active contestant a year plus a few alums he was attached to.

There are a few relationships that I think follow a different but no less misleading pattern.

I took her backstage at one of my concerts and gave her a vocal lesson.

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The dates are based on when they’re supposed to have dated rather than when the coverage began and ended.

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