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Fans of the first season will recognize some familiar faces, with returning favorites taking over jobs as coaches, chaperones and speakers at the high school they loved (and loved to hate) in East Los Angeles.

Since then, we’ve fallen in love with the stars and the show itself. In a recent interview, Medes said that season 2 will find us seeing a “more sexual” cast and why we love them.

Surely if we speak about it in educative and socially constructive ways, centuries of taboo may not stand up as "erectly" as they currently do.

What kind of value system has consumer capitalism created that allows for such images to circulate while politicians attempt to silence women's desires, choices, and self-expression?And really, this is one show you don’t want to miss!La jeune chanteuse cubaine a donné un avant-goût de ce que sera la vidéo de Havana, son dernier single.Meanwhile, the ongoing Christian conservative culture wars only detract attention from more pressing matters, such as the United States' shrinking middle class, the depletion of the world's natural resources, and the global economic crisis to name a few.The false premise, that if contraception becomes more readily available non-procreative sexual activity will automatically increase, is ridiculous.

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