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There's a certain sense when you're 15 and you're just kind of like, a pawn, and you'll say, 'Yeah, I will do what you want,' but now I'm like, 'You know, actually I don't like this.'"Turner's co-star, Jennifer Lawrence, seems to have rubbed off on her."She would do a take and be like, 'Cut! , the 21-year-old actor said she is “very happy” dating the DNCE frontman.

"The thing I miss most about being in a band with my brothers is just the traveling aspect of it," he explained.“It’s frustrating [that] it’s the most mundane things that make the news—how boring!” Turner explained she doesn’t even need to be out with Jonas to receive unwanted attention."It's frustrating [that] it's the most mundane things that make the news -- how boring!"And though Turner and Jonas have been dating long enough to earn their own ship name, "Jophie," Turner still prefers another one: "Mophie," the fan name for her and ] has been a huge chunk of my life," Turner admits."When it's done, it's going to feel like a death in the family.

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However, she did reveal one downside to their relationship.

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