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Once there, the guitar could have crossed to Spain in the hand of itinerant Spanish troubadours.

Those troubadours in medieval Europe, whose incessant travels and performances, enriched musical culture in general and gave great impetus to the spread of the guitar on the continent.(see fig.1-2).

The popularity achieved by the guitar can be attributed to the nomadic nature of the troubadours.

Representatives of this new instrument can be found in a number of English cathedrals.

In some illustrations, these pegs appear to be four; on others, five.

The strings are of a corresponding number and are plucked in two ways: either with a plectrum or with the fingers.

Eventually, some of the features and characteristics would combine in a later instrument, one would be the predecessor not only of the guitar but of all necked string instruments, both plucked and bowed. This type of instrument continued to be in use for many years.

Further developments made this instrument even more similar in form to the guitar. There is The Carolingian instrument is rectangular, approximatively equal in lenght to its neck, the upper end of which is a wider rounded area containing small pegs for the attachment of strings.

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In addition, the nobles of Spain were disdainful of the guitar as it was then an instrument of the common people.

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