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Live the life of a non-citizen for a couple of months in all its aspects and you'll get a different take on life in the CR's bigger cities.(Again, forgive me if I'm presuming that you're either based here, are a citizen, or live in Praha or Brno, etc.) @void | I agree, while Mandarin might be the second (or 3rd) language for those living in Guangdong or Sichuan provinces, it is still the language of communication across the breadth of China, which is understood by most citizens.Libor Stejskal, editor blogů ([email protected]) Pane Mezei,možná píšete zajímavě,ale já to posoudit nemohu,neboť vám nerozumím. Určitě tu není zakázáno psát cizincům,ale chtěl-li bych na vašem místě něco sdělit čechům,patrně bych volil takový jazyk,kterému rozumnějí.Nevím,kdo jste,a jaké máte názory,takže ani nemohu říci,jste-li mi sympatický,či nikoliv.In the Czech Republic (CR), there'll be no fete-ing the Chinese (CN) milestone, just the usual slew of student-led protests outside the gates of the PRC Embassy in Prague.Czechs, in general, are no fans of the surging People's Republic of CN, with the tradition of passive resistance firmly entrenched in the minds of these folks since the end of the aptly-named "Velvet" Revolution, whose anniversary Czechs will be celebrating in a month and a half's time.The latter was that latest of "Czech last stands" against autocratic power, a regime they are well-familiar with. Since it's human nature to self-absorb about one's local environment, in that spirit I got to thinking this Prague morning during my commute into town about the striking similarities between Czechs and Chinese.In 1989, they applied the padded boot to the posterior of their former Communist majordomos. Here are my not-so-random observations about how I compare these two great surviving peoples: Throughout the course of this monumental sixty years of PRC statehood, I'll be revisiting the subject of Czech-Chinese similarities as we go along.

Přejeme Vám zajímavou a inspirativní výměnu názorů.

In this case you have to use really big simplification - e.g.

linguistic nationalism (if they speak mandarin chinese it could be their second or third language even in china). if you would like to read something really interesting about China and you are able to speak czech I recommend you this blog: (I'm sorry mr Stejskal, I know its rival site) have a nice day :-) @Midori | Thank you for that, but I'm going to hold the line here..Czech Republic's authorities (and therefore its inhabitants, by osmosis) *behave* as though they're a "China." You don't necessarily have this experience if you're local, born and raised, Czech materni jazyk.

Ale slibuji vám jedno:až přijdu někdy do vaší země,a budu chtít s vámi(a vašimi spoluobčany)komunikovat,nebudu vás obtěžovat češtinou-ještě ve mě zbyla trocha empatie a taktu. Mr Mezei, you seem to be right in many aspects, however you are comparing two nations: one is a dwarf with 10.5 million of inhabitants, the other is a superpower of 1.3 billion.

China expands and gets acquisitions, my country is (I am afraid, intentionally) sold out, thus becoming weaker and weaker.

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one bigh difference: CNs r not individuals - one man is nobody there,and there is nothing to wonder about - they r 1.300.000.000 czechs r 10.000.000 and everybody is individual that is why we can not have olypic games now - we can not cooperate like them to adam: now I missed the point, maybe lost in translation :-) You can't (yes, everything is possible :-), but doesn't make sense ) compare linguistic nationalism in czech which language is spoken by c. citation: while young Chinese students and corporate employees have fallen obsessively in love with English - yes, that's true, but only for huge coastal agglomerations.

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