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Selection of players for the Pro Tour Hall of Fame will be conducted via the Hall of Fame vote.The Hall of Fame vote will be comprised of votes from the Selection Committee.All appearance fees are subject to the following additional terms and conditions: All taxes are the responsibility of the individual receiving the appearance fee.Members acknowledge Wizards' recommendation that they consult a tax advisor in their jurisdiction for questions regarding their tax liabilities. by reading all about the hilarious high jinks at Ella Mentry School. The weirdest school stories in the world are back with a dozen more books filled with crazy and out-of-control stories. Join them as they encounter the antics of the zany faculty and staff in 21 tales that are completely crazy! and his fellow classmates, the laughs just keep on coming.The members of the Selection Committee will be made public.

The remaining members are hand-picked by Wizards of the Coast on an annual basis and consist of: Currently suspended DCI Members are not eligible for membership in the Selection Committee.PROCEDURES AND RULES FOR RECEIVING BENEFITS Beyond the eligibility and limitations previously outlined, members must adhere to the following rules and procedures to obtain their benefits.Byes: In order to receive byes at an event, the member must fulfill all entry requirements for that tournament, including but not limited to, payment of applicable entry fee, presentation of identification, decklist, and signing consent forms.Players who appear on at least 60% of the ballots will become members of the Pro Tour Hall of Fame.In the event that no player appears on at least 60% of the weighted ballots, the player receiving the most votes will become a member of the Pro Tour Hall of Fame.

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Pro Tour Hall of Fame will enshrine the most significant and influential competitors of the game.

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