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FDA has found that there is sufficient space to include the information on the carton labeling.When space permits, containers for multiple-dose, single-patient-use, and single-dose products that do not have a USP monograph, should also include the appropriate package type term on the container label.We can help ensure that your products are compliant with all labeling requirements.Using our proprietary approach, we have a proven track record of helping our clients achieve successful interactions & compliance with FDA.

(1) A dosage form can be dispensed to a patient in the manufacturer's original container, a practice that recognizes that the suitability of the container has been established on the basis of the manufacturer's stability studies.

The Poison Prevention Packaging Act (PPPA) of 1970 requires in certain cases the use of special packaging—child-resistant and senior-friendly.

Child-resistant packaging protects children from serious injury or illness resulting from ingesting or handling hazardous products including drugs.

However, “if there is insufficient space to include this information on the container label, the package type term should appear on the carton labeling where it will be easily visible.” The discard statement should be included on the prescribing information for single-dose and single-patient-use injectable medical products, as well as on the carton (when there is space).

The guidance provides an example of discard statement for single-use products, which is: “Discard unused portion.” Because of the beyond-use-date, multiple-dose containers do not typically have a discard statement.

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