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The Russian government requires that foreigners who wish to marry in Russia, have in their possession the originals of all pertinent civil documents (i.e.their last divorce certificate, their passports, etc.) In St.And here the main advice is to check with your home embassy about the process and what exact papers are obligatory.The process is similar in all cases, so we will attempt to underline the main steps and procedures.

Other than the long queue to get the date of the wedding established, especially if you are applying to the Wedding Palaces, for Russians there are not many more difficulties.The Certificate should be then legalized by attaching a Foreign and Commonwealth Office certificate to it, also called an "Apostille". Petersburg on Tavricheskaya Street, 39, room # 312, tel.( 7812) 771-3651, or at your country's embassy in Russia. The papers will be issued within 21 to 30 working days.You can choose what date you want to get married on, but to be honest it is quite difficult to get the exact date desired, especially during the summer.It is a good idea to start the document preparation process at least 6 months before your desired date.

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