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Come January, the “Westworld” concept of lifelike sex robots will get one step closer.

Labe, who had been wearing a Yes sticker, later denied any connection between the assault and the marriage debate, saying he just wanted to headbutt Mr Abbott.

Oliver, who almost laughed along with his audience after playing a clip of Labe's explanation, said he absolutely did not condone Mr Abbott being attacked but: "Thinking to yourself 'There's Tony Abbott, I'm going to headbutt him', is entirely natural.""It's an automatic human response.

Inspired, he decided to create a female figure so realistic it could be mistaken for a human.

Most orders are for female dolls, but there are male and transgender options.

But Mc Mullen, the CEO and creative director for Realbotix, a subsidiary of his doll-making factory Abyss Creations, said critics of Harmony have it all wrong.

He sees Harmony more as a comforting conversation companion like Apple’s Siri, albeit one capable of having sensual conversations and telling naughty jokes.“The worst thing she can possibly do to you is insult you,” he said, pointing out that Harmony’s arms and legs are jointed and fully poseable but they don’t operate independently — at least not yet.“The whole idea of a sex-capable robot is very contemporary, now and edgy. But Harmony is a sophisticated piece of machinery and her primary design is to carry on conversations,” he said.

That talent landed him a job at a Halloween mask factory in San Diego, where he learned the technique of injection molding.

Then one day while walking through a department store, he was mesmerized by a human model posing as a mannequin.

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Speaking with a Scottish lilt, Harmony whirred to life, opened her eyes and greeted Mc Mullen, saying how much she’d missed him since their last conversation and asked if he wanted to hear a joke or a poem. There’s still a bit of shake around the mouth when Harmony speaks and a slight metallic, echoing tone to her voice, but Harmony — priced around $10,000 — is widely considered the most scientifically advanced human-style robot in the world.

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