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He used, not once but twice, the tragedy to promote the bathroom issue. At least RJ paid his respects without any agenda or political motive.

Mark and Ethan did a video after the Orlando attacks in which they basically said "Yeah, we're not really talking about what happened because it is our role to be positive. He's a video of me spanking Ethan's ass"Some of their own fans are speaking out against them and saying they are coming off as selfish gays who just like to talk about themselves. They are two naive kids from explicitly upper middle class/ lower upper class families who come off as living in gilded little bubble of happiness and like to make everything all about them. People have said he is into the video's much less than Mark is and Mark seems to push publicizing their relationship and vlog much more.

Ironic that the Trannies and Frauge are the ones ripping them a new one.[quote]RJ and Will have an open relationship. R42 I don't think he needs to worry about gays body shaming him. I mean he's like friends with a lot of porn actors.

I'm still waiting for any references regarding Will and Rj's wedding from Nick and Ken. Matthew seems very desperate to have someone in his life, be it for views or out of personal desperation, I cannot say. They can only take their sunshine in small doses.[bold]OH Shit!!

Fully revised and updated, the second edition of the International Encyclopedia of the Social and Behavioral Sciences, first published in 2001, offers a source of social and behavioral sciences reference material that is broader and deeper than any other.

I think that's the reason he was crying (it was not entirely about his son) he was seeing himself in the mirror. Not sure if posting LGB women here is sacrilege; nevertheless this femme youtuber has come out as bisexual, albeit near the end it starts to appear as if she's actually lesbian.

I once chatted with one of them who I found on F4F and I mentioned that I had seen him in some of Will and Rj's videos.

I think RJ used to work for Andrew Christian, so he got to know a few from there. R75 is ruggedly handsome, with the walk of a jungle cat on the hunt, and commanding clear eyes that express will, intelligence, and determination.

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